Why Some Online Casinos are Blacklisted

It is not surprising that some online casinos are not legitimate or rip off players in some ways as this has always been a part of the casino culture. Thankfully the percentage of online casinos that are doing things illegally or out to cheat players is still small. The internet has made it easier to spread information about poor practices of online casinos.

Why are Casinos Blacklisted?

Online casinos can be found on a blacklist for various reasons. Firstly, players may have noticed that the games may not seem random and that the casino has made their games advantage them unfairly. Non-payment to players is another common reason for the online casino being blacklisted. The bad casino will not give a reason for penalizing or not paying players.

Additionally, it is possible that the terms of service are written unfairly to include caps on how much money players can win when using bonuses. Blacklists will also include online casinos that prohibit progressives on a bonus. Some casinos will also be added to the list because they payout very slowly to keep the money for making interest on players’ deposited money.

A really bad casino will just not have the money available to lay some players or do anything to keep players from collecting their money. Some will also be blacklisted because they are operating unlicensed or without regulations. Poor customer service and the ability to take feedback from customers is another reason.

How to Find Online Casino Blacklists

There is not one website and comprehensive system for blacklisting casinos online unlike in the real world. Players should research a number of websites and see if the same online casinos are listed. Looking at the opinions of players and making a balanced assessment can then be made.

Blacklists for online casinos are a necessary evil and should be looked over before playing seriously on a website. Happy playing and bet responsibly!